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Let the fun times roll!

All work and no play makes for a very dull life.  In the age of “maintaining” a healthy work life balance, the line separating our professional and personal lives are a bit more blurred these days, especially in an industry like AEC where everyone knows everyone and early happy hours often turn into dinners.

But what about those days when you’re stuck in the office? You know, cranking out proposals, meeting deadlines, and replying to emails in between meetings – bring the fun to you!

As the marketing and business development leaders in our firms, we’re more than likely the most energetic and talkative ones in our offices (especially if you’re working with engineers). It’s natural for us to become “culture leaders” and “office champions” without even trying. 

So, in honor of the Unofficial National Fun at Work Day on January 28, here are a few (almost too) easy ways you can incorporate fun at work:

Turn Up the Music – Take your music service subscription to another level and share the wealth with your office. If you’re lucky enough to have a speaker system throughout the office make use of it. Allow everyone in your office to suggest radio stations on Pandora or Apple Music, put the stations on shuffle and voila! There’s nothing like Britney Spears circa 2003 and Tracy Chapman to get the office rocking. Side note – if you have a few sticks in the mud, suggest this for a Friday afternoon!

Let the Games Begin – Instead of formal lunch and learns, host a B.Y.O. Lunch and play. Set up a Cornhole station, Hole-in-One obstacle course (a golf club, ball and a few red solo cups), or various board games; if you want to make it even more interesting, turn the lunch into a tournament that lasts a few weeks. 

Internal Happy Hour – I don’t think this one really needs an explanation, but if enjoying a few adult beverages in the office is a no-go, make root beer floats or ice cream sundaes. When I host an internal happy hour I make it a rule that everyone has to hang out and mingle, no getting the goods and sneaking back to their desks.

Conversation – I may be the queen on distracting my coworkers because I’m always talking to them about anything and everything. Filling up your coffee next to someone you hardly know? Ask them about their weekend, their kids, last book they read… anything, just as long as it’s lighthearted and fun.

Splurge a little – Liven up your workspace! You spend a minimum of 40 hours a week there, make it exciting! Throw some color, photos and maybe some new trinkets on your desk to brighten up your spirit.

Feeling like you don’t have time to coordinate this on your own? Get a committee going or ask your office manager for help! They will probably love the idea and jump right on board!

Lastly, I think it goes without saying that you make sure to get the okay from your boss before you start the Conga Line or blast Chance the Rapper through the speakers. And that’s all I got for ya; now go have some fun!

*Bonus tip – share the fun on your firm’s social media accounts.

Tiffany Johnson 
Marketing Coordinator, Bridgers & Paxton

Tiffany has been marketing, developing business and creating content at Bridgers & Paxton for two and a half years. She has been in the A/E/C industry for three and a half and has been an active SMPS member for two years. In her free time she enjoys brunching with her friends, plotting on how to become the next Martha Stewart (cooking, home design, lifestyle hacks), writing and beating everyone she knows at TopGolf!


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