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No More Excuses!

I don’t have time. I have too much else to do. I’m tired. Change is scary. It could be better, but it’s really not that bad. I can always do it later. And on and on and on. We all make excuses for why we can’t get to those extra tasks or goals. And I really don’t think it is an indication of laziness (although it can be). Change is hard. In fact, according to Newton’s first law change is downright unnatural. “An object in motion continues to move at a constant speed unless it is compelled to change its state by an external force.” In order to change our predictable and routine behaviors, we have to be our own external force, which takes boatloads of motivation and commitment and since we’re already motivated and committed for our companies, our families, our friends, our dogs, it’s no surprise that most of us are running low on energy for ourselves.

With a goal or task in mind, follow along with the chart, here, to break
down the top three excuses I catch myself making.

Chelsea Hickok 
Marketing and Business Development, Kimley Horn

Chelsea has been in the A/E/C industry and at Kimley Horn for just over a year. She's been an active member of SMPS for eight months and participated in the 2016-2017 Mentorship program. In her free time, Chelsea loves backpacking, wine-tasting and reading lots and lots of fiction! 

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